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A cultural and commercial publication for the Hispanic community in Polk County, Florida

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Advanced Internal Medicine Care, PA

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Letter from

the Editor

Teresa V. Martínez

Dear readers,


  "Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world." Nelson Mandela's phrase, which in the face of the new reality of our lives, makes more sense than ever.

  The health crisis has provided us with opportunities to rethink our priorities. One of great importance has been the education of our children, of the young; which has required a superlative effort on the part of parents, educators, students and the community in general. The new educational modalities that have had to be put into practice have not been easy, but they have created the conditions so that education ... the weapon that people who are going to change the world must use ... continue to offer a quality learning.

  In this issue, we focus on educational opportunities in our county. As a retired educator, providing knowledge and information to others has always been one of life's missions. I have practiced it in the classroom, on news programs on television and radio. Now I have the privilege of headlining this magazine whose main purpose is to honor our language and culture, educate, provide local information, promote business and highlight our leaders; in order to motivate and inspire our Latino community to develop its highest potential.

  ¡Viva Polk! It is the result of the effort of a group of Spanish and Anglo-Saxon speakers, who have seen the need to have a written medium in Spanish in our county. We welcome Florida Southern College, Advanced Internal Medicine, attorney Rich Lopez, and Regal Automotive. My sincere gratitude to everyone who supports us, beginning with the Polk County Board of Commissioners, government and educational organizations, local and national businesses, and most of all you, the person reading this letter at this time, to all of our readers. and subscribers. Together we will ensure that this publication continues to be the symbol of our Hispanics in Polk.



Teresa V. Martinez

Executive Editor


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To be the symbol of Polk County's Hispanicity.



Celebrate our language and cultures through print. To be one more resource to inform, inspire and motivate the Latino community, promote business and highlight our local leaders.

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Hiring Bilinguals at the Sheriff's Office

"Let's talk" with Teresa Martinez and Sheriff Grady Judd. RITMO 99.9 FM and 1460 AM. Sundays at 9:00 am and 10:00 pm.

About Viva Polk

"¡Viva Polk!” is the result of our presence and the efforts of community leaders, such as Dr. Robert Melo and Tim Moore, who saw the need to have a Spanish magazine. They took the first steps publishing “El Trompetista,” relaunched as “¡Viva Polk!” Our most sincere gratitude. “¡Viva Polk!” is your magazine and a multicultural celebration. We invite you to participate. ¡Viva Spanish!  ¡Viva our multicultural!


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