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A cultural and commercial publication for the Hispanic community in Polk County, Florida

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Letter from

the Editor

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Teresa V. Martínez

Dear readers,


A few days ago, I had the opportunity to visit the “Peppa Pig” theme park during the photo session for the cover of this edition. I was delighted to see such a well thought out park geared towards pre-school children and was fascinated to hear so many people, workers and visitors communicating in Spanish; something that is now part of our daily lives. My mind took me to the

70s, when my family visited "Cypress Gardens", some beautiful gardens that were in that same place.


Back then, hearing Spanish spoken outside the home was an occasion for great rejoicing, and in most cases, we took out paper and pencil to exchange information. Few of us families came to live in this area of ​​Florida. The language barrier made life difficult for us, but we had no choice but to learn English and assimilate the Anglo-Saxon culture as if it were ours. For my part, learning English, while studying Spanish, became a passion. Teaching my language and propagating it has been a mission in my professional life.

They say that bilingual people are worth two. I began my studies at what was Polk Junior College, became a teacher of languages, translator, interpreter, bilingual author, producer and presenter of radio and television programs in Spanish. The path has not been easy, but the satisfaction of helping others communicate and succeed in this country has made me a woman of immense spiritual wealth. For over a decade I have had the honor of serving, appointed by the Governor of Florida, as Member of the Board of Directors of the Polk State College District, the university that gave me the infrastructure to succeed in this country. I am honored to serve on important organizations like Polk Vision, serve on the Community Council of Sheriff Grady Judd, being named Lakeland City Maker and even having a day in my name, proclaimed by the

Polk County Commissioners.


Today I have the privilege of reaping the harvest of the seeds sown for all these years, as the Chief Director of the team that collaborates with Viva Polk magazine and publishes about the successes of young people such as Commissioner Omar Arroyo, the engineer and playwright Gretchen Suarez-Peña, Alex Romero, CEO of HCA Florida Poinciana Hospital, attorney Jean Pierre Espinoza and others who continue to pave the way for Hispanic success in our county.

It is with great pride and emotion that in this edition I announce the collaboration and support of

UNIVISION Tampa Bay. We welcome you to Spectrum, Coney Funeral Home, Laura Medina Ruiz of KW Smart 1 Realty, also to the candidates who apply for government positions and aspire to the Hispanic vote.

Thank you very much for reading our publication and do not forget to subscribe at to have it delivered to your home for free.

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About Viva Polk

"¡Viva Polk!” is the result of our presence and the efforts of community leaders, such as Dr. Robert Melo and Tim Moore, who saw the need to have a Spanish magazine. They took the first steps publishing “El Trompetista,” relaunched as “¡Viva Polk!” Our most sincere gratitude. “¡Viva Polk!” is your magazine and a multicultural celebration. We invite you to participate. ¡Viva Spanish!  ¡Viva our multicultural! ¡VIVA POLK! VIVA POLK!

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