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15 Lessons from Mother Teresa of Calcutta

A nun who dedicated her life to caring for the sick and forgotten in society. Teresa of Calcutta was the leader and founder of the Missionaries of Charity. She received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979. In 2016, she was declared a Saint by Pope Francis. Among her great achievements are her famous phrases, lessons that she left to humanity for our personal growth.

1. “It is not height, weight, beauty, not a title or much less money that makes a person great. It is his honesty, his humility, his decency, his kindness and respect for the feelings and interests of others”.

2. What can you do to promote world peace? Go home and love your family.

3. "Spread God's love throughout your life, but only use words when necessary."

4. "If you don't live for others, life has no meaning."

5. "We cannot allow someone to leave our presence without feeling better and happier."

6. "Love begins at home, and it's not how much we do ... it's how much love we put into every action."

7. "Every time you smile at someone, it is an act of love, a gift for that person, something beautiful."

8. "The deep joy of the heart is like a magnet that indicates the path of life."

9. "Do not be discouraged by making a mistake, as long as you have done everything possible."

10. "There are ills that cannot be cured with money, only with love."

11. “Forgiveness is a decision, not a feeling, because when we forgive we no longer feel offense, we no longer feel resentment. Forgive, that by forgiving you will have your soul in peace and the one who offended you will have it ”.

12. "Give until it hurts and when it hurts give even more."

13. "If you can't feed a hundred people, feed only one."

14. "Many times a word, a look, a gesture is enough to fill the heart of the one we love."

15. “When we open our eyes in the morning, it is not only a new awakening, it is a rebirth, because each day can be the beginning of something incredible. Every day is unique and unrepeatable, life is wonderful, love, laugh and above all never stop dreaming.

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Mother Teresa: From the Greek people to the Albanian people tsevis / 8581106078

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