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20 Curiosities of English that may surprise you.

1. Although the majority of people speak English in the United States, it is not established as the official language in the Constitution, nor is there a document that declares it. Interestingly, the US is the second country where Spanish is used the most, after Mexico. 2. There are thousands of words in the English language that come from Latin and Arabic. Cognate words are called which share meaning, spelling and pronunciation similar to Spanish. That is why, sometimes, those who do not speak English, get to have an idea of ​​what is being talked about.

3. English is the language with the greatest international presence. However, it is not the most widely spoken, this merit goes to the Chinese in the first place, followed by the Spanish. 4.English is the only important language that its Royal Academy does not have, it does not have an organization responsible for controlling the use, vocabulary, terminology and grammar. 5. More than 80% of the information stored on computers around the world is written in English. 6. English is the official language of seventy-seven countries. 7. English has approximately 1,000,000 words (Spanish, for example, has 88,000 words according to the RAE). However, most English speakers use only about 2,800 words in their daily conversations. 8. The English alphabet has only 26 letters, but 44 different sounds. That is one of the reasons why Hispanics have so many problems with pronunciation, since we are used to having words read the same as they are written. 9. English contains about 75 contronyms, that is, words that are their own opposites. 10. The two most used words in English are I and You, that is, you and me. 11. The word happy (happy) is used three times more than the word sad (sad), its antonym. 12. A quarter of the world's population speaks at least some English. 13. The adjective that is used the most in English is good, which means good. 14. The most used noun is time, that is, time, hour, moment. 15. The word set has 25 different meanings. Among them scenario, collection, team, game, place, assign, ready, etc. 16. The oldest English word that is still used today is town, which in Spanish means city..

17. Angry (angry, angry) and hungry (hungry) two words that are often confused are the only ones that end in -gry. 18. I am. (I am) is the shortest sentence with full meaning in English. Contains subject and predicate in just three letters. 19. Rhythm is the only word in English that does not have a vowel. 20. English is the language of the air. This means that all pilots must identify themselves and speak English while flying, regardless of their origin.

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