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4927 Southfork Drive Lakeland FL 33813

Circle B

Ecoturismo a tu alcance.B

Nature is the masterpiece of our Creator and enjoying it is the best recipe to relax and get out of the daily routine. Observing the beautiful colors of dawn, dusk, listening to the songs of the birds and smelling the aromas of the fauna, fills us with peace and tranquility. A day in the field helps recharge energy. Luckily, there is a perfect location here in Polk County.

It's called Circle B Bar, which isn't a bar, but a nearly 1,300-acre nature preserve with numerous trails and piers where you can hike, gaze at majestic trees, and see a variety of birds, including gigantic eagles. If you like to observe animals in their natural habitat, there you can admire families of pigs, rabbits, turtles, squirrels, snakes and other animals from a safe distance.

The trails at Circle B Bar Reserve allow you to delve into the world of Florida flora and fauna. The most popular is the Famous Alligator Alley Trail where Florida's most popular reptile, the alligator, lives. This impressive animal walks through the reserve modeling its impressive figure of about 8 feet long, that is, probably longer than your car. But there is no need to fear him as he seems to be used to tourists and is always very well fed; in addition, the reserve is well thought out for the safety of its visitors. If you are interested in seeing alligators, you just have to walk along the docks to see them, of all sizes, living happily on the shores of the lake. .

Before going, keep in mind that you must leave your pets at home. They are not allowed. It is recommended to wear closed shoes and of course, bring your camera as you will have multiple occasions to drink

photos that will be priceless when you show them to your family and friends. Here we share a few taken by our Sheriff Grady Judd. If you are an artist, you will not find a better place to be inspired.

Best of all is the entrance: FREE

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