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Updated: Apr 10

Have you studied English but sometimes you don't understand the words you thought you knew? Perhaps it is because they are part of an idiomatic expression and have a figurative meaning. Here are some examples. Test your knowledge by choosing the correct meaning.

1. Pull through: a. recover b. Backing out 2. Pass away: a. pass out b. Die 3. Under the weather: a. to be cold b. Be sick 4. Work out: a. exercise b. Work too much 5.Throw up a. throw in the towel b. Barf 6. Pass out: a. pass out b. Die

7. Kick the bucket: a. die b. Barf 8. Hang in there: a. don't give up b. Hanging clothes 9. A bitter pill to swallow: a. A bitter drink b. a large capsule 10. Bounce-back: a. recover b. Coming back soon 11. To be sick and tired of… a. Being sick of… b. Being more than fed up with… 12. Elbow grease: a. stingy b. Physical work

13. Break a leg: a. good luck b. Limp 14. A loose cannon: a. unpredictable b. Incompetent 15. When pigs fly: a. soon b. Never

Idiomatic expressions are part of everyday communication. Make sure you learn them and use them to demonstrate fluency.

Correct answers:

1-a, 2-b,3-b,4-a,5-b,6-a,7-a,8-a,9-a,10-a,11-b,12-b,13-a,14-a,15-b

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