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Inventory and management of your closet

It is very important to maintain a wardrobe that reflects your image and personal brand, especially since people form a first impression of you after only seconds of meeting you. However, before selecting your essential wardrobe, we need to keep an organized closet to receive new pieces of clothing, accessories and shoes. To get an organized closet, you can follow the following steps:

1. Organize clothes by category (shirts, blouses, pants, jackets), by color and daily activity (gym, work, daily clothes, events and parties).

2. Go through all your pieces and make a list of the ones you'd like to keep. Consider donating, selling, or getting rid of pieces that don't reflect your personal brand. Finally, separate the pieces that need sewing or repairs.

3. Coordinate your closet by separate pieces so you can decide which pieces you need to add (suits, jackets, accessories, shoes, belts). 4. Make a list of pieces that you need in your wardrobe, as long as they are in line with your image and personal brand.

Once you have the list of clothes, accessories and shoes you need, you can start looking for ideas for your personal style in magazines, social networks, and fashion media. You can consider brands that you admire or usually buy. Also decide if your style is professional, modern or casual.

Now you're ready to update your closet! Remember to enjoy this process of investing in yourself. Your style and fashion design is unique! In the next article we will discuss how to select an effective and functional wardrobe capsule.

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