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They can cut all the flowers, but they can't stop spring!

-Pablo Neruda.

Generally, life goes by, time passes and we do not even notice the countless wonders that surround us, which are happening at the same time as existence itself

We are not referring to the wonders created by man, which are no less relevant, we are talking about those that nature offers us, which are not few and we hardly pay attention to them, unless a volcano erupts, an earthquake occurs, a typhoon or something resounding, but is there a greater wonder than the succession of the seasons of the year? Each one has its stamp, each one causes us a different sensation or feeling. Summer is joy, autumn nostalgia, winter reminds of the warmth that home can provide, let no one say that they do not remember with it, a hot chocolate and spring, without a doubt, is pure life.

In the spring everything is reborn; the flowers, the grass, the beauty, the hope. Colors reign, the smell of wet earth. Spring is a natural repairer, everything that winter destroys is renewed by it, which makes it a magical season.

When it is about to arrive, perhaps some will wait for it more anxiously than others, perhaps it depends on the love or taste they may have for nature, which is indisputably represented with honor by this period of time, but we should all take advantage of what it gives us; In addition, we all need a spring in our lives, a rain that cleanses and purifies our souls, our way of acting.

Let's reflect and not see spring as a rainy chapter that may take away the possibility of doing outdoor activities, visiting some places, let's see it as an opportunity to copy it and be willing to make the necessary changes in our lives to renew ourselves. Let us love nature, let us contemplate everything that it offers us silently, without the need for chaos to occur for us to realize that it is always present and that it is the most perfect work. Let's make next spring different, let it start inside us so that we can fully enjoy the outside. Let the first rain clean us on the outside and inside, we are sure that it will make us feel better. Here's to nature, to change, to life.

Spring is when life is throughout.

- Christina Rossetti.

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