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Faith Lawyer Lights of Hope for Immigrants

2021 has brought new hope to the thousands of immigrants in the United States. The government has made several decisions that are critical to achieving the American dream. Among these actions we can highlight:

• Reactivated the new applications of DACA and travel permits. • Returned to the deportation priorities established in 2014, which prioritize the deportation of convicted criminals and others who pose a danger to public safety, but not people without criminal records. • Eliminated excessive public charge requirements. • Returned the citizenship test to its previous version (100 questions). • Implemented TPS for Venezuelans and extended it to citizens of Haiti, Burma and Syria. • Eliminated the Remain in Mexico Program (MPP) that returned asylum seekers to wait for their process in Mexico. • Reversed two decisions limiting asylum eligibility for people fleeing domestic and gang violence; • The number of H-2B visas for workers increased. • Announced the expansion of the Central American Juvenile Parole Program (CAM), which allows certain at-risk children in Central America to enter the United States and be reunited with their parents. • Restored the possibility for Libyan citizens to obtain a postponement of their departure.

For more information about the changes implemented and if they affect your case or not, you can contact the lawyer Ivelisse De la Fe . phone (863) 294-8114.

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