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Have you seen your doctor recently?

Now is the time.

Life has changed for everyone in the last few months and it's understandable that you've put off a few things so you can stay home and be safe. Maybe you delayed your car repair or the start of that home remodeling project. But if you've put off visiting your primary care physician (PCP), it's time to make an appointment and go.

Visiting your PCP is important.

Your PCP, like your regular doctor, knows you better than any other provider and is familiar with basic health measures. That means your provider can find out more quickly if something is wrong and, if you need treatment, can prescribe it based on your personal health goals, medical history, and preferences.

Prevention is preferable to getting sick.

If you don't have a PCP that you visit regularly, you're not getting the routine health exams you need to avoid potentially serious illnesses like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart problems, or cancer. Your PCP is the one you should turn to for preventive health care and the one who guarantees you the constant and coordinated care you deserve. In most cases, your out-of-pocket expense for visiting their office is much less than going to an emergency room or urgent care clinic.

The new security measures are designed to protect our patients. Rest assured that AdventHealth Medical Group is taking extraordinary steps to protect you and your family when you visit our offices. This includes the use of a universal face mask and temperature controls for visitors and staff, frequent disinfection of spaces, social distancing and remote searches to avoid waiting in line. You can even visit the doctor without leaving your home through a virtual consultation from your smartphone or computer using the AdventHealth application.

Rubén Pérez, MD, has more than 30 years of experience as a primary care physician, specializing in the care of adults with a wide variety of health problems, from common illnesses to complex and chronic medical problems. Dr. Perez's office is located in Winter Haven, FL.

Don't put off seeing your PCP, or if you don't have one yet, choose one today and get started with your visits.

Visit AtencionPrimariaEnEspañ or call 407-605-3269 to make an appointment with a Spanish-speaking doctor.

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