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Let's get ready for hurricane season.

Although the sky is blue today, a very active hurricane season is expected in 2021. Experts predict that between June 1 and November 30, we will have approximately 17 named storms. As we continue to navigate the pandemic, it is important not to wait until the last minute to prepare and have a hurricane action plan for the safety of our family. Storm Preparations: It is recommended to prepare two kits when hurricane season begins: a “Home Kit” if you choose to spend the storm at home, and an “Evacuation Kit” if that is the alternative. This should be kept in the car or near the exit door, but most importantly, everyone in the household knows about it and its location. It is important to include COVID-19 supplies, such as alcohol-based disinfectant wipes, several cloth masks, a small bottle of bleach, and gloves, in both kits.

According to the Red Cross, your emergency kits must contain at least the following items: • Food and water: Understand, non-perishable and easy to prepare food, and a gallon of water per person per day. It is calculated, in both water and food, the equivalent of three days for an evacuation kit and the equivalent of two weeks for a home kit. It is convenient to also include tablets to purify the water

•Basic survival tools: A flashlight, a battery-powered radio (extra batteries), a cell phone with its charger, candles and matches, a Swiss army knife. Also, a can opener, scissors, sleeping bags, and most importantly, your own towel should be included. • First aid kit: It should contain, at a minimum, bandages, gauze, tape, antibiotic cream, alcohol, burn cream, aspirin, sunscreen and cottons. It is important to personalize this according to the medical needs of the people in the family group: glasses, contact lenses, batteries for hearing aids, baby food, syringes, basic personal hygiene items, among other things.

• Something that we must not forget are the personal documents: We need copies of our medical information, passports, birth certificates, insurance policies, as well as the information of our emergency contacts and enough cash on hand. Remember that paper is brittle when faced with water. It is a good idea to scan the information and save it on our electronic devices as well

VERY IMPORTANT. Many families now own backup power generators. Many of the people who buy generators may not be familiar with their use. Toxic fumes can be as harmful as a hurricane. Read the instructions well before use. Make a plan, create your emergency kits, stay informed and take steps for the safety of all members of your family, including your pets..

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