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Polk County Commissioners Report

Available Programs and Services

Every day, the Polk County Government Offices receive hundreds of phone calls, thousands of website visits, emails and text messages from residents who need the services provided by the county. Some of these services, such as emergency medical care, firefighters, or garbage collection, are routine. However, there are other services that are less known to the public.

Veterans Services:

Polk County is home to more than 60,000 veterans. This is one of the largest veteran populations in Florida. However, many veterans do not know that Polk County has local offices where they can go for help with veteran benefits or to locate local resources. We can help you navigate the VA health care network and even help surviving spouses receive the benefits they deserve, we are here to help.

Health Care Program for People with Low Resources

Nothing is more terrifying than needing medical care and not getting it because you do not have insurance or do not qualify for a service provider funded by the state or the federal government. The Polk County Low-income Healthcare Program partners with medical providers and clinics in the community to offer low-cost or no-cost health care services to members who join the Polk Healthcare Plan.

Members do not pay annual deductibles or have to file claim forms. Apart from a small co-payment for a prescription or a visit to the doctor, there is no cost for you; no registration fees and no monthly fees.

Housing and Neighborhood Development Program

It exists to improve the communities of Polk County and help its most fragile residents. It does so through the use of special state and federal grant funds for numerous projects, such as the Block Grant for Community Development, the Housing Investment Association and the State Housing Initiative. Polk currently has funds available to help those who need rental assistance through an emergency shelter grant.

You can find more information about these programs on the county website at, or call the corresponding office at the phone numbers below:

Housing and Neighborhood Development


Medical care for people with Low Resources


Veterans Services:


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