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Screening Tests for Women's Health that you must include in your To-do List

Most of our pending tasks are getting longer and longer, but taking care of yourself and protecting your long-term health should always be a priority. Your body deserves its time and attention, and we are here to help you feel healthy. Regular exams are essential to maintain your health.

Women's Wellness Exam A women's welfare exam is an annual check-up performed by your primary care doctor or your obstetrician / gynecologist. This annual exam is a good time to catch up with your doctor and review your medical and family history and share the changes of your body over the last year.

During the woman's well-being exam, your provider can perform a clinical breast examination, a pelvic exam and a Pap test (also called Vaginal Cytology). Additional tests may be suggested.

Mammography A mammogram is a test that is used to look for signs of breast cancer, such as tumors. Mammography technology has advanced a lot in recent years and is now available in 3D. After turning 40, you should start taking a screening mammogram once a year.

Colorectal examination The colorectal examination is used to determine the presence of cancerous or precancerous cells in your lower digestive tract. It usually involves colonoscopy and the use of sedatives to help you feel comfortable during the process. In general, regular tests for colorectal cancer should start from the age of 45, but they can be recommended earlier if you have risk factors.

Blood pressure: Know your numbers Knowing your numbers is essential to maintain good heart health because it allows you to know what changes you need to make or what to do well. It is recommended that you start monitoring your blood pressure regularly from the age of 18. Tracking your lipid panel is also important; this includes your total cholesterol, HDL, LDL and lipids.

Take care of your overall health When it comes to your health, don't wait for care. At AdventHealth, we are dedicated to providing women with the highest possible level of care.

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