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Summer and the power of your senses for well-being

Imagine walking barefoot on the beach. Feel the sand on your feet, the clean and fresh air of the sea brushing your face, with the smell of the ocean entering each deep breath that life gives you. The sound of the waves mixes in a perfect melody with the wind and with the singing of the seagulls that fly around you. In the background, the laughter of the people can be heard, while the brilliant blue of the sky blends with the blue of the water that reflects the sun, imposing itself on you and making you put aside all burden. Now, close your eyes and imagine yourself on the beach, just as you read in the previous lines, feeling the wind on your face, the sound of the waves, the seagulls, the sand. You did it? Concentrate, do it again, take a deep breath and when you exhale, let go of whatever is weighing you down.

If you practiced the exercise, surely the sensations invaded you from the inside. Just thinking about feeling what the sea gives to your senses, its smell, its sound, its landscape, the sand, just with that, you gave yourself a moment of relaxation. The worry went away and you were left with a pleasant feeling. And that's what life consists of. In enjoying giving your senses the best for your well-being, and this summer is the perfect opportunity, so get out of the routine! Whether on the beach or elsewhere, the important thing is that you are aware of the power of your senses to enjoy. Pamper yourself, take care of yourself, relax. Have smells ever taken you back in time and even made you feel the emotions you had at that time? According to experts, it is because the aromas go to the limbic system, where the emotions that remain in your memory are processed. In her study "Smells and Emotions", the psychologist Silvia Álava showed that 35% of what you smell and 5% of what you see is remembered. He asserts that when the brain registers an odor, it also stores the emotion at the moment of that scent. Petr Janata, a professor of psychology at the University of California at Davis, says that neurons connect between familiar melodies, memory and emotion. Therefore, there are songs that take you back in time. All that we smell, hear, taste and see can remind us and relive moments. Everything we experience through our senses influences our emotions. Whether on the beach, in the mountains, in the park or even at home, you have the power to create your environment for your balance and enjoyment.

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