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Summer has arrived! Disconnect from the routine.

By: María Iguarán

Summer has arrived and with it, the perfect opportunity to disconnect from the routine. It is a time of year that allows us to leave home and that gives us the time to share more with our family and friends. Whether doing sports, in the park, on the beach, or in the pool, the season is ideal to relax and free ourselves. And is that even in times of pandemic, even the home can be a pleasant space to share with yours. You make the environment. Good music, a delicious barbecue, a drink that will delight your palate, savor the fruits of this season, wear fresh and light clothing, and a pleasant company. It is enough to give your senses the best to enjoy. The important thing is that you have the time to do all the activities that do not allow you the daily stress of work and the office. Make the most of it! “It is a good idea to have breakfast, lunch and dinner as a family. It is possible to establish as a rule the principle of leaving the mobile phone off the table ”, recommends psychologist Lordes Conte. You can do it outdoors, since this increases the feeling of freedom, especially if you are in a foreign space, says psychologist Sara Prieto, from the TAP Center, according to the ABC review. Regardless of where you are, the sun rises for everyone. Wear light clothing. Let your skin receive its embrace and let the good tan be noticed, proving that yes, you are on vacation. If you like reading, even a good book is perfect to let yourself go. The important thing is that you disconnect from the routine. To achieve this, there must be physical, mental and emotional rest, explains psychologist Julieta Domenicone. Physical rest is not doing nothing, but doing activities other than the usual ones. The mental, is to disconnect the thoughts of the day to day. With the emotional, if I disconnect my thoughts, I will also be able to disconnect myself from emotions such as anger or guilt. Give your senses the best to enjoy and in this summer, abandon yourself to the pleasure of putting aside the burdens of the daily routine.

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