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Thank you life, let's celebrate, enjoy and give thanks!

Thanksgiving is here. Dinner is served, the smell of turkey and freshly baked bread mix with the pleasant landscape of the family gathered around it, along with the colors of a good meal that reflect the goodness of the Creator through the fruits received. Almost more than a year after the pandemic, there is nothing more to say: THANK YOU LIFE!

We are alive! That is why we celebrate, enjoy and appreciate.

Even when some of them spend this Thanksgiving Day alone, life invites us to enjoy that we still have a whole panorama ahead of us. As the saying goes: "while there is life, there is hope."

There are still goals to reach and people to meet; there are still colors to visualize, new airs to breathe, new loves to conquer. For that and much more: THANK YOU LIFE!

And it is that despite the fact that there are difficult circumstances, which at times seem to overwhelm, they are nothing more than experiences that make us feel that we are alive, and that they are simply part of our passage through this world: After all, everything leaves us an apprenticeship, what is yours?

Take advantage of every experience as difficult as it may seem, get your highest score on life tests, and move on.

There are seasons when storms come out, but rest assured, the sun rises for everyone.

Therefore, put on your best suit, enjoy your surroundings, savor your best food, share with your loved ones, have a good glass of wine and celebrate!

Grateful people are happier because they recognize the gestures and favors received. Being aware of their value, they enjoy them to the fullest and have a reciprocal commitment to whoever gives them the benefit.

On this Thanksgiving Day, may our commitment be to enjoy the blessings received in recognition and praise of the Creator.

If you did not know, the word "thank you" comes from the Latin "gratia", which means the honor or praise that without more, is paid to the other to signify the recognition of a favor.

For that and much more: THANK YOU LIFE!

By: Maria Iguaran

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